Enjoy some extra cash this holiday season!

Take a month break from your loan payment this winter and help a child in need. Use the extra money for whatever you may need, such as holiday shopping, paying down a credit card, family vacation or anything else you want!  A portion of the Skip-A-Payment fee will benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

For each loan you'd like to Skip-A-Payment on, Clarity Credit Union will withdraw $25.00 from your share account. All loans at Clarity must be current, with no collection action pending, must not be overdrawn and you must have sufficient funds deposited to cover the $25.00.

To apply for a Skip-A-Payment, complete the form in the link below and return it to any branch, email the form to [email protected] or fax it to (208)466.0049.

Skip-A-Payment Authorization Form

Which loans do not qualify for Skip-A-Payment?

  • Real Estate Secured Loans
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
  • Overdraft Line of Credit
  • One payment loans
  • New loans with less than six (6) monthly payments posted
  • Loans with extensions received within the last four (4) months
  • Accounts not in good standing
  • Visa credit cards

If you are not sure if your loan qualifies, please call us at (208)467-6583.

Please understand that participating in the Skip-A-Payment will cause your loan to be extended one month for the payment you skip. A loan payment that is already posted will NOT be reversed. Also understand that the interest will continue to accrue at the contract rate including the month you have chosen to skip and that this payment deferral will result in an extension of the maturity date. The Skip-A-Payment Authorization Form is due 7 days prior to your payment due date. (Skip-A-Payment is valid for one month and one payment per loan only).

Automatic payments the borrower has at another financial instituion will not automatically stop. Automatic payments that would normally be applied to the loan will be deposited to the borrowers Clarity share account for the month the Skip-A-Payment is elected.