Credit Union FAQs


What is the difference between direct deposit and payroll deduction?

Direct deposit is having your net check deposited directly to your credit union account. Payroll deduction is a specific dollar amount as chosen by you to be deducted from your check each pay period and deposited to your credit union account(s).

How do I increase or decrease my payroll deduction?

Simply fill out a direct deposit/payroll deduction form available at Clarity or your payroll department. Most members sign-up for direct deposit/payroll deduction when they open their account but you can sign up for payroll deduction at any time during your membership. You can change your deduction at any time by filling out a new form.

How do I access the Smartline?

In order to access the Smartline, 24-Hour Telephone Banker, you will need your account number and your personal identification number (PIN). Contact a Member Service Representative for a PIN.

Are deposit accounts at Clarity insured?

Absolutely. Your deposits are insured through the National Credit Union Administration up to at least $250,000.

What is Clarity's routing number?

Our Routing Number is #324173422.

What holidays is the Credit Union closed for?

We observe all national holidays. If the holiday falls on a Saturday, we will be closed the preceding Friday in observance. If it falls on a Sunday, we will be closed on the following Monday.

List of all holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents' Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday)
  • Christmas Eve @ 1:00pm
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve @ 1:00pm


Online Access FAQs


Why can't you simply tell me what my password is or what the answers to my security questions are?

For your security, we only have access to the account number and the email address associated with it. We do not have access to your password, which questions you chose or what your responses were.

Do you share my email address with others?

Although we have access to your email address, we do not share it with others. We will, on occasion, use it to contact you about happenings at the credit union, urgent member information, or, if you so choose, promotions and specials.

Am I required to answer all challenge questions and choose a confidence word?

Yes. The Challenge Questions and Confidence Word are part of the Multi-Factor Authentication required by our regulators. They are in place to help protect you from phishing, fraud and other scams.

Do I have to enter my responses to the security questions exactly as I did during the set-up?

Yes. The security question response will not allow you access to the account unless the answers are entered identically. For example, if your initial response was May 06, 2006, the following responses would not be valid: May 6, 2006; May 06 2006; 06/06/2006; 2006, May 6.

Why am I being asked to answer my security questions again?

Each time you access your account from a different computer, you will be asked to answer the security questions. This is to ensure that you are the one trying to gain access, as our server does not recognize the computer as yours. Additionally, if you perform a disk clean-up on your computer, you will be required to answer the security questions.


Lending Products FAQs


How long do I have to be a member before I can apply for a loan?

There is no length of time you must wait before applying for a loan. However, you must have at least $10.00 on deposit in your share savings account before you can apply for a loan or use any other credit union services.

Do I automatically qualify for a loan or Visa card because I am a member of the credit union?

No. Being a member means you are entitled to apply for any loan offered by Clarity. Although our goal is to provide a financial solution for every member, each member must meet our credit approval requirements for a particular loan product.

Do you offer home loans?

Yes. We offer a full range of mortgage and home equity loans. Visit with one of our lending specialists to let us help you find the best option to fit your needs.

How do I apply for a loan?

Clarity has several convenient ways to apply for a loan including in person, on-line at, or by fax at 208-466-0049 or just mail the application back.

How long will it take to for my loan to be approved?

Our loan department is committed to providing each member with an answer/response to their loan request within 24 hours.

What should I do if I know my loan payment will be late?

We understand that sometimes life throws us a curveball and we need a little extra time. We urge you to call us if you know that your payment will be delayed-we will probably be able to work with you. If we don't know what's going on, however, we can't help!


Membership FAQs


Do I qualify for Clarity Membership?

Individuals are eligible to become a member of Clarity by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in either Ada, Boise, Canyon, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, or Valley Counties is eligible to join Clarity Credit Union
  • Family members of an existing member, regardless of residence status

How do I join Clarity?

Membership is established through our Regular Share Savings Account, which provides each member a share in ownership of Clarity. The Regular Share Savings Account requires a minimum opening deposit of $5.00 and a one-time membership fee of $5.00. As long as you keep $5.00 on deposit at all times in the share savings account, you will maintain your lifetime membership in Clarity Credit Union, which entitles you take advantage of all of our products and services. To establish your Regular Share Savings Account, please complete and sign our membership application and return it to one of our convenient branch locations.

Are my family members eligible to join the credit union?

If you are a current credit union member in good standing, then all of your immediate family members are eligible to join the credit union.

Do I have to close my credit union account if I change jobs or move?

No. Whether you change employers or your home address, once you are a member, you are always a member.

What do I need to bring with me to open my Clarity Account?

You will need to bring a current, valid ID with you. It must be government issued and not expired. Proof of Residence is also required, if different than what is on current identification. If you are adding a joint signer to your account, they will also need to have a valid ID and be present to sign the signature card. If you would like to set up a direct deposit and your employer has a specific form, bring that with you to speed up the process as well.


Account FAQs


Is there a minimum deposit required to open a savings account?

The Regular Share Savings Account requires a minimum opening deposit of $5.00.

Are there any fees associated with the free checking account?

No. There are no per check fees, maintenance fees or monthly service charges.

Do I get charged a fee for using a non-Clarity ATM?

That depends. We provide you with access via the Co-op Network. If you use a Co-op affiliated ATM, there is no service fee. If the ATM you are using is not part of the Co-op Network, there may be a fee imposed by the ATM. Clarity does not charge you for ATM withdrawals, be it an in-network ATM or an ATM outside our network.

What exactly is a Share Certificate?

A certificate is a fixed-term, fixed-rate savings product. You deposit your money into the certificate and leave it deposited for a fixed period of time. Because you have committed the funds for a longer period of time, the rates are higher than a regular savings account. There is a penalty for early withdrawal from the certificate.

Will my rate change on my certificate when the Credit Union changes rates?

No. The rate of your certificate was locked in at the time it was opened and will remain that rate for the term of your certificate. When the certificate matures, however, it will renew at the current rate on the date of maturity. You do have the option of a one –time rate bump if the rates rise during your term.

When can I withdraw from my Share Certificate?

You can make withdrawals from your Share Certificate at maturity and for a grace period of ten calendar days after maturity.

How can I find the current Certificate Rates?

The current rates for our savings products can be found here on our website under Savings Rates or by contacting the credit union at 208-467-6583 during office hours.


Visa® Debit Card FAQs


How do I apply for a Visa Debit Card?

To receive a Visa Debit Card, you must have an Clarity Checking Account. You can visit our branches to apply for a checking account and a Visa Debit Card.

Are there fees for using this card?

There are no annual fees for your Visa Debit Card. Transactions at Clarity ATMs are free. Some non-Clarity ATMs may apply a surcharge to your transaction. This is charged by the company who owns the ATM, not by Clarity. Visa does not allow merchants to charge you a fee for using the card for signature transactions.

What if I lose my Visa Debit Card?

Notify us immediately at (208) 467-6583 or (800) 882-6583. If it is after hours and Clarity is not available, call (888) 241-2510 within the US or collect at (909) 941-1398 from outside the US. Notify us as soon as you are aware that your card is missing to minimize your liability.

How is my Visa Debit Card different from my Visa Credit Card?

The Visa Debit Card is NOT a credit card, and does not replace your existing Clarity Visa credit card. Your Clarity Visa credit card processes transactions as advances against a line of credit loan, to be repaid at a later date. Your Clarity Visa Debit Card will deduct the transaction amount from funds already on deposit in your checking account.

What accounts will the Visa Debit Card access?

One of the conveniences of the Visa Debit Card is that it works like an ATM card. Remember, if you make a purchase with the Visa Debit Card, it will access only your checking account.

Can I order a Visa Debit Card for a member of my family?

Yes, providing they are joint signers on the account.

What are the benefits to using my Visa Debit Card?

Your Visa Debit Card is like carrying an electronic checkbook. It is safer, faster and smarter than using cash or checks for purchases. There is no need to carry extra cash or wait for check approval, and no additional identification is necessary. Best of all, there is no bill to be paid later for these purchases, because the amount is taken directly out of your checking account.

How is a Visa Debit Card transaction processed?

Just like a Visa Credit Card transaction, most merchants will assume that it is a credit card. Either you or the merchant swipes the card through the reader and receives authorization either electronically or by phone. Once authorized, you will be asked to sign the sales slip like any other Visa transaction.

Is my signature always required when making a purchase with the Visa Debit Card?

It depends on the situation. For face-to-face transactions, you can use your card to make purchases by signing a sales receipt or by using your Personal Identification Number (PIN), depending on the merchant. When the card is used to make purchases via mail, telephone, or on the Internet via a merchant's web site, no PIN or signature is needed; however, providing the proper billing address to the merchant is very important, as the address will usually be verified. Some gas stations with "pay-at-the-pump" capabilities do not require a PIN or signature.

When I try to pay for an item with my Visa Debit Card, the merchant asks me 'Debit or Credit'. Which do I choose?

Most merchant systems were developed before Debit Cards, like your Visa Debit Card, became popular. If you select the Debit option, you will be asked to enter your PIN, and the transaction will be immediately deducted from your checking account. If you select the Credit option, you will not be asked for a PIN, but will sign the sales slip like any other Visa transaction, and the amount will be deducted from your checking account in the same manner described above.

How long will it be before the money is deducted from my Clarity Checking Account?

That depends on the type of transaction. Because Clarity processes all Check Card transactions in a live setting, you will most likely see the transaction immediately after it happens. Some transactions, however, may take a little longer to post to your account.

What happens to my money between the time I swipe the card, and the time you deduct the money from my Clarity Checking Account?

We will place a 'hold' on the funds authorized until the transaction is finally received and posted. This means that these funds will not be available for withdrawal by ATM, teller transaction, or check. You can see this difference by comparing your account's 'Available Balance' with the 'Actual Balance. ' If your checking account pays interest, the interest will continue to be paid on these funds until the actual transaction item is received and the funds are deducted.

Are there limits as to how much I can spend using my Visa Debit Card?

The daily cap for ATM or POS cash withdrawals is $500. However, your purchase activity is limited by the available balance in your checking account, or $5,000, whichever is less.

Is there any way to access my account once I've reached the daily limit for my Visa Debit Card?

Yes. You can still write as many checks as you wish, provided that you have the funds in your checking account to cover them.

Can I get a Visa Debit Card if I only have a savings account?

No. Visa Debit Card transactions are processed as if they were electronic checks, so the card must be attached to a checking account.

Will I have to show identification to use my Visa Debit Card?

For routine transactions, all you will need is your Debit Card. For larger transactions, the merchant may require an additional piece of identification for your protection.

Where is the Visa Debit Card accepted?

Anywhere that Visa is accepted — over 14 million locations worldwide. In addition, it is accepted at any merchant that displays the STAR, Cirrus, and CO-OP logos.

Can I get cash back on my Visa Debit Card?

Yes, many merchants, such as grocery stores, will allow you to get cash back in addition to the purchase amount if you have adequate funds on deposit. You can even get cash back from most other financial institutions that display the Visa logo.

Do I have to sign the back of my Visa Debit Card?

Yes. The card must be signed to be valid. Signing the card will also aid in protecting you against unauthorized use in the event you lose your card or it is stolen. Please note, writing 'See Photo ID' on the back of your card in lieu of signing it may render the card unacceptable at some merchant locations. Visa regulations require a valid signature.

How do I keep track of my spending with the Visa Debit Card?

Simply save your receipts and enter the amount of each purchase or transaction into your check register or check your account information using our home banking or Smartline. You get a detailed record of each transaction on your monthly checking account statement, so it's easy to know what you spent and where you spent it!

How long will it take to receive my Visa Debit Card?

Your Visa Debit Card can be issued immediately in branch. If you choose to order your card over the phone, you should receive your new Visa Debit Card within one week of it being ordered. If you have not received it within one week, please call (208) 467-6583.

My card was good when I checked into the hotel for a week, but it was not good for a small purchase later that evening. Why?

The most likely cause is that after we placed the 'hold' for the amount of the authorization requested by the hotel, there were not sufficient additional funds for the second transaction.

Will my Visa Debit Card work on the Internet?

Yes, your Visa Debit Card will be honored by any merchant on the Internet who displays the Visa logo.

Is my Visa Debit Card safe to use on the Internet?

Yes, with reasonable precautions. On the Internet, as in face-to-face transactions, you want to do business with a reputable merchant. We recommend that you not 'save' your Visa Debit Card number at any merchant locations, or on your PC, especially in an environment where multiple people are sharing the PC. It is also advisable that you close your browser immediately after completing your transaction(s). Clarity also recommends that you register your card with Verified by VISA.

Will my Visa Debit Card work outside of the United States?

Yes, your Visa Debit Card will be honored at any merchant worldwide who honors Visa transactions.

Can I change the Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned to my Visa Debit Card?

Yes, your PIN can be changed at your local branch.

How can I keep my PIN secure?

Each person is different. To ensure your PIN is not compromised, do not write your PIN number on your card, carry it in your wallet or purse, or have it listed in an address book.  Additionally, if you choose to change your PIN, be sure to choose something that is not easily guessed such as an address, phone number, birth date, or anniversary.