Unforeseen circumstances happen to us all and usually at just the wrong time! Your car breaks down on Wednesday and you don't get paid until Friday. You make an honest mistake in your checkbook and it leaves you a "little short" to cover all your outstanding checks. Clarity understands that such things happen to everyone at some time or another. Because of that, we have an overdraft protection plan to fit your needs.

If you have ever overdrawn your checking account, you've experienced the embarrassment, inconvenience and expense of bounced checks. You can protect yourself and your credit record by establishing Overdraft Protection on your Clarity Credit Union Checking Account.

  • You can designate your savings account as your Overdraft Protection.
  • If you don't have Direct Deposit or would rather not use it, you can apply for an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit loan.
  • Transfers from a Line of Credit are made in increments of $50 to cover an overdraft amount.
  • Overdraft Protection applies to checks, ATM and Check Card Transactions, Bill Pay and automatic payments. Does not apply to online banking transactions, or audio response payment/transactions.

Overdraft Protection from a savings account or a line of credit is an excellent safeguard which can preserve your good credit rating.

For more information or to sign up, please visit your nearest branch or call us at (208)-467-6583.